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Holiday Gift Guide 2017

I’ve put together a short Gift Guide for the 2017 Holiday Season that’s loaded with everything from everyday essentials to the most coveted items every foodie needs in their life. As usual, everything you see here is something that I personally love, use on a daily basis, or have been lusting over. I’ve tried to stay mindful of different budgets and selected items that are available online, mostly through Amazon, since it’s the easiest (and usually cheapest) way to shop IMHO. Though I am a staunch advocate of shopping local, I wanted this gift guide to resonate with the largest audience possible. After all, not everyone is able to head to ELXR Juice Lab in Toronto to grab a six-pack of their cold-pressed juices! Now go forth, and shop ’till you drop! At which point get coffee and keep shopping because someone has to stimulate the economy and it might as well be you! Slice and Dice (from bottom left, clockwise) OXO Metal Tongs: Ditch the dollar store variety and invest in a proper pair of tongs. Look for something with a silicon grip, scalloped edges and a rolled underside so as to avoid accidentally pinching your skin during use. Miyabi 6” MCT6000 Gyutoh: A Japanese knife is the Holy Grail item for just about every self-respecting cook; domestic or professional. If properly maintained, regularly honed, and occasionally sharpened, a Japanese chef’s knife...

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