Pesto Potato Salad – Whole30

Pesto Potato Salad is an ideal side dish for a summer BBQ or weeknight meal. It’s easy, delicious and real crowd pleaser!

Easy Basil Pesto – Whole30, Paleo

Everyone should have a jar of Easy Basil Pesto on hand year round. You never know when you’re going to want a big spoonful of summer in a jar!

Short Rib Ragu – Whole30, Paleo

This Short Rib Ragu is easy, delicious and tastes even better the next day! Try serving it with zucchini noodles or cauliflower purée!

Whole30 Orange Chicken Meatballs

These Orange Chicken Meatballs are easy, delicious and take no time at all to prepare. Try serving with sweet potato noodles and stir-fried veggies!

Whole30 Ciorba de Vacuta (Romanian Beef Soup)

Ciorba de Vacuta (pronounced: ch-orba de vah-kutsa) literally translates to Beef Soup in Romanian. It is one of the classic dishes you will find served all over Romania and happens to be my personal favourite Romanian soup. If you have the opportunity to visit...

Thai Grilled Beef with Green Mango Salad

This Thai Grilled Beef with Green Mango Salad is very easy to prepare and cooks in no time flat! Enjoy it during the summer months as a quick-and-easy, light meal.

Paleo Before and After Transformation

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