Asian Chicken Salad – Whole30

This Whole30 Asian Chicken Salad is easy, delicious and perfect for make-ahead meals. Try topping it with some crunchy roasted almonds for extra texture!

Whole30 Instant Pot Ropa Vieja

This Whole30 Ropa Vieja (which literally translates to ‘old clothes’ in Spanish) is a super easy and delicious Cuban dish that is perfect for meal prep or a hearty weeknight dinner. Ropa Vieja is the dish I seek out in Cuban restaurants and the one I associate with my...

Asian Rainbow Trout Slaw – Whole30

This Asian Rainbow Trout Slaw is delicious, super easy, and takes about 20 min to cook (including prep). Try it with leftover roast chicken as well!

Whole30 Beef Stew

This Whole30 Beef Stew is healthy comfort food at its finest! Rich, savoury, delicious, perfect for meal prep or a special dinner *cough* Valentine’s day *cough*

Whole30 Western Hash

This Whole30 Western Hash is a cleaned-up version of one of my favourite diner breakfasts. Try serving it with your favourite compliant hot sauce.

Whole30 Taco Salad

This Whole30 Taco Salad is easy, quick and delicious. It can be made ahead of time and tastes better the next day. It goes best with fresh pico de gallo!

Whole30 Baked Sticky Asian Wings

These Whole30 Baked Sticky Asian Wings are a guaranteed Game Day crowd pleaser. Unless your guests don’t like delicious, sweet, tangy, sticky, spicy wings.

Emergency Roast Chicken

This Emergency Roast Chicken is easy, quick, delicious and comes out perfect every single time. Try serving it with some of my famous Salsa Verde.

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