Two resolutions I set for myself in 2019 are to reduce my carbon footprint and the amount of plastics I use. I quickly learned this is easier said than done. Plastics are found in an unbelievable amount of products. Everything from my drip coffee machine to the packaging of certain foods I buy. While it’s difficult to completely eliminate the use of plastics in my life, I can make a real effort to stop purchasing single-use plastics.

Things like single-use plastic bottles, cups, cutlery, containers and wraps, such as cling wraps, can easily be replaced by re-usable, eco-friendly materials. Glass containers, stainless-steel mugs, and beeswax wraps are not only better for the environment and our health, they will actually save you money in the long run.

I was, therefore, very happy when Blue Mill reached out to me to ask if I wanted to test out their new Reusable Beeswax Food Storage Wraps. These wraps perform the exact same task as plastic wraps, except that they’re made from a combination of organic cotton and beeswax. They can be washed in cold water with a mild dish soap and reused for up to one year, depending on how often you wash them.

Blue Mill Beeswax Wraps Review Primal Gourmet Eco Friendly Food Storage After sharing an unboxing of the Blue Mill beeswax wraps on my Instagram stories, I received a number of requests to provide a more in-depth review of the product. I was also asked to get another coupon code for 10% off so I did just that: PG10OFFWRAP.

Review: Reusable Beeswax Wraps by Blue Mill

The Design

It may not seem that important, especially since this is essentially a replacement for plastic saran wrap and plastic containers, but the patterns are colourful and fun. My favourite is the one with all the polar bears? Come on, who doesn’t love polar bears?!

Blue Mill Beeswax Wraps Review Primal Gourmet Eco Friendly Food Storage

The assorted variety pack includes 3 different sizes: small, medium and large, which are 7”x7”, 10”x10” and 14”x14” respectively. Having several sizes definitely provides a lot of versatility, as the large wrap can be used to wrap anything from a big melon to a large bowl, and the small wrap is perfect for wrapping half of an avocado or lemon (or the occasional piece of emergency pecorino I often keep in the fridge). It is also great if you need to replace those lost mason jar lids, which happens to me more often than I care to admit.

Blue Mill Beeswax Wraps Review Primal Gourmet Eco Friendly Food Storage

The Quality

The beeswax wraps feel good, thick and of high quality. They are quite tacky, which is not what I was expecting. However, I have found this to be an important aspect since the wax is what allows for the wraps to cling to objects. I presume the amount of wax used is proportionate to the lifespan of the wrap. If that’s the case, these should last long.

Tip: Something a reader pointed out to me is that to help ensure a tight seal, it is best to use the heat my hands to crumple and activate the beeswax. I did this to wrap half of an avocado and it worked like a charm.

A feature I quite like is that these wraps come with a button and tie-string for added “wrapping security.” This seems like it would come in handy if you plan on using the beeswax wraps for items going into your backpack, tote, or lunch bag.

An important note is that the Blue Mill beeswax wraps are made of organic cotton, jojoba oil, tree resin and beeswax. The materials are all natural and organic, which is great.

I should note that the wraps do leave a slight residue after use on some of the bowls and mason jars, but it comes right off when washing with hot, soapy water. It is just some of the beeswax, resin and oils transferring over. I don’t think this is cause for concern since, as mentioned, the materials are organic and non-toxic.

Blue Mill Beeswax Wraps Review Primal Gourmet Eco Friendly Food Storage

I have used and washed each wrap in my sample set about a dozen times now, just to see how they would hold up, and they are still as good as new. They should be good for about 120 to 150 washes per wrap.

The Price

At the time of writing this review, the price on Amazon was $16.95 for the 3-pack. I think it’s great value due to the premium quality of the wraps and the organic and natural materials they are using. As mentioned, I managed to secure a coupon code for an extra 10% off (they currently ship to USA only):

Coupon code: PG10OFFWRAP

Buy on Amazon here: Reusable Beeswax Food Storage Wraps by Blue Mill

Coupon expires February 28, 2019

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for an eco-friendly solution to plastic wraps or want to reduce your carbon footprint, then these wraps are for you. I will likely purchase two more sets since I often find myself using plastic wrap during recipe testing. Overall, highly recommended.

Blue Mill Beeswax Wraps Review Primal Gourmet Eco Friendly Food Storage