MCT Oil: What Is It and Why Should You Use It?

You may have come across a bottle of MCT oil in your local health food store or on Thrive Market. Maybe a friend mentioned they started adding it to their morning smoothies. There’s even a chance that you’ve heard stories of strange individuals adding MCT oil to their coffee! Oh, the humanity!

For a few years now, MCT oil has been used by many as a healthy source of high-quality, easily digestible, saturated fat. It is particularly popular with those who follow a Keto diet because MCT oil stimulates the production of ketones, the byproducts of broken down fatty acids, which increase your metabolic rate and help your body to burn fat.

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What is MCT Oil?

MCT oil is a highly refined form of saturated fatty acids. It is most commonly made from coconut oil and/or palm oil. It is flavourless, odourless, clear in colour and remains liquid at room temperature.

‘MCT’ refers to Medium-Chain Triglycerides, a medium-chain fatty acid that consists of 6 to 12 carbon atoms. In contrast, long-chain fatty acids, which are the most common form of fat in a person’s diet, contain between 13 and 21 carbon atoms. Short-chain fatty acids contain 6 or fewer carbon atoms.

Why Should You Use It?

I’m not a nutritionist, nor am I a registered dietitian or chemist, but I’ll do my best to explain why MCT oil is something you may want to consider incorporating into your daily routine.

Medium-chain triglycerides are metabolized more quickly by the body than other types of fats and are more easily converted into energy. Three medium-chain triglycerides in particular, Caproic Acid (C6), Caprylic Acid (C8), and Capric Acid (C10), are metabolized by the body in three steps, making them excellent sources of fast-acting fuel.

The main benefit of MCT oil is that it is quickly metabolized by the body and, in turn, provides an excellent source of healthy energy for the brain. It also leaves you feeling satiated, which curbs hunger and cravings.

Starting your day with MCT oil can be extremely helpful in sustaining healthy eating habits. If you feel satiated and full first thing in the morning, you’re less likely to overeat, binge or snack on unhealthy treats as the day goes on.

MCT oil has also been said to help with mental clarity and cognitive function. Especially when blended together with coffee and grass-fed butter or ghee (see “How Do You Use It” below).

Which MCT Oil Should You Buy?

It’s important to consider the brand and type of MCT oil you purchase because they’re not all created equally.

Coconut oil and palm oil are technically considered MCT oils because of the presence of medium-chain triglycerides. However, they are mostly composed of Lauric Acid (C12) chains, which are not as effective at converting to energy as C6, C8 and C10 chains.

Certain brands will purposely load their MCT oils with the cheaper and less effective Lauric Acid (C12) and market it as MCT oil because, technically, it is. The problem is you’re not getting the same quality.

Look for MCT oils that disclose and specify the type of medium-chain triglyceride they’re bottling.

I really like Thrive Market’s Private Label C8 MCT Oil because it’s made from 100% C8 caprylic acid and at $29.99 for a 32-ounce bottle, you’re getting high-quality at a great value that is actually cheaper than inferior products. It also comes in a convenient squeeze bottle, that makes it easier to measure servings.

Thrive Market C8 MCT Oil Primal Gourmet Paleo Whole30
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How Do You Use It?

As mentioned, MCT oil is flavourless, odourless and liquid at room temperature so it can easily be added to brewed coffee, tea, or smoothies. It can also be incorporated into salad dressings and vinaigrettes.

My personal favorite way to enjoy MCT oil is in my morning “Bulletproof” coffee. If you want to try this at home, you can add 10 to 12-ounces of brewed coffee, 1 tablespoon MCT oil, 1 tablespoon grass-fed butter or ghee, and 1 serving of Thrive Market collagen peptides to a high-speed blender. Blend everything for about 45 seconds, pour it into your favourite mug and enjoy while it’s still hot.

The fat from the grass-fed butter or ghee helps regulate the absorption of caffeine by the body, mitigating that jitter effect some people experience. The collagen peptides are an excellent source of protein that heals your gut and repairs skin, joints, hair, bones, muscles and teeth. The MCT oil provides a fast-acting fuel for your body and brain and helps regulate my hunger levels.

I know it sounds like a strange mix, but when these ingredients are blended together at high speed, they create the most amazing, silky, frothy, rich and delicious cup of coffee.

As a matter of fact, you can use the same recipe but substitute matcha or your favourite type of tea.

On days that I don’t have a Bulletproof coffee, I add MCT oil to my smoothies. It’s a great way to incorporate healthy fats that can easily be used as energy by the brain and body. Especially in a post-workout smoothie when your body needs to replenish energy stores.

Pro Tip: slowly introduce MCT oil into your diet 1 teaspoon at a time before building your way up to a 1 tablespoon serving. Otherwise, you might find yourself visiting the restroom before you’ve had a chance to finish your morning cuppa joe!

This post is sponsored by Thrive Market. All thoughts and opinions are the author’s alone. Thank you for supporting the brands that support me.

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