This Traeger Grills Black Friday Sale Won’t Last Long

If you’ve been thinking of buying a new grill, now is the time to do it! The Traeger Grills Black Friday Sale won’t last long and you’ll get over $200 worth of savings on all Ironwood Models and $100 OFF all Pro Models!

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You probably already know that Traeger Grills very rarely go on sale. Usually, it’s only twice a year – the other time falling around Father’s Day. From what I’ve seen, the Traeger Grills Black Friday Sale is actually better because it applies to Ironwood purchases and is valued at $200, rather than the usual $100 OFF promo.

What’s Included in The Traeger Grills Black Friday Sale?

There are currently 2 Black Friday sales running on

First, for a very limited time, you’ll receive a FREE Holiday Bundle, worth over $200, with the purchase of any Ironwood model.

When you purchase an Ironwood 650 or Ironwood 885 from, you’ll receive the following Holiday Bundle for FREE:

  • Grill Cover
  • Front Shelf
  • 2 Sauces (Apricot & Traeger ‘Que)
  • 2 Rubs (Pork & Poultry and Fin & Feather)
  • 1 Bag of Signature Blend Pellets
  • Ironwood Holiday Ornament

Both the Grill Cover and Front Shelf are must-haves in my opinion. The cover will keep your grill clean, protect it from harsh weather, and prolong the life of your grill. The Front Shelf makes life much easier when loading food on and off the grill. It’s extremely easy to attach and makes a world of difference.

You’ll be buying pellets to fire up your grill anyway, so you might as well stock up on an extra bag for free.

Traeger Pro Models are $100 OFF

If accessories aren’t your thing, or you had your heart set on one of the Pro Models, you’ll be very happy to know they’re currently $100 OFF, making them even more affordable.

I personally cook on my Traeger Pro 780 more than my Timberline1300. It’s a workhorse and I couldn’t be happier with it.

Which Traeger Should I Buy?

If you need some help deciding which Traeger Grill is right for you, please read my Guide to Buying a Traeger here. You’ll find a fairly extensive overview of each model as well as some helpful things to consider before you purchase.

My sincere advice is that if you have any plan on buying a Traeger in the near future, do it now. Some models (like the Bronze Pro780) are already Sold Out and it will be a long time before Traeger runs their next sale, which usually falls around Father’s Day.

Regardless of which Traeger you choose, I have no doubt that you will love it. They are truly amazing grills and will completely change the way you cook for the better!

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